presented by MAISON SHIFT
27th May – 2nd June  
For this year’s edition of the Craft Week we are hosting some of the most talented local designers! Discover our diverse range of workshops here:

MONDAY 27.05

From Scrap to Fab - Crochet with Leftover Yarn with Valerie Ehrenbold

In the workshop "From Scrap to Fab – Crocheting with Leftover Yarn," the world of crocheting is explored in a sustainable and creative way. We start a crochet project together using leftover yarn as our starting material.

The workshop begins with an introduction about color concepts and sourcing materials. Here, you will receive tips and suggestions on how a design process with leftover materials can be conducted. Based on these inputs, you will develop and discover your own personal design possibilities.

We will focus on the technique of double crochet, which we will then use to implement the project of your choice. You have the option to make a case for your glasses, a small bag, or a wallet.

No basic knowledge needed.

160 / 135 / 85 CHF
Max. 12 participants



Typeknitting with Rüdiger Schlömer

Typographic Knitting is writing with wool. Get to know different knitting and design techniques and learn how to include typography in your next knitting project.

Typeknitting explores the typographic potential of hand knitting techniques like Fair Isle, Slipstitch, Mosaic, and Patchwork Knitting. As a dialogue between digital typography/type design and the analog craft of knitting, this results in Patterns, Posters and Typefaces.

At the beginning of the workshop you will get an overview of different Typeknitting methods and possible connection points to your personal knitting projects. You will learn which pixel fonts and other typefaces can be knitted with Slip-stitches, Mosaic and Shadow Knitting. After this, we focus on short knitting / sketching exercises. Using custom sketching material we modify prototypic letterforms and learn how to make typographic patterns with your own text. This is done using specially developed Typeknitting typefaces.

150 / 125 / 75 CHF
Max. 12 participants



Fabric Rescue & Crochet for the Whole Family with the MAISON SHIFT Team

Every year, the textile industry generates tons of waste Leaving behind long, narrow strips of fabric as waste. But with us they are not lost!

These strips can be wonderfully repurposed as crochet material. The only catch? This material comes from waste containers in a tangled colorful heap and needs to be salvaged! That's why we invite families with children from 5 years old to join us at the syrup bar to rescue fabric scraps and crochet a bathroom rug together.

This workshop is free!
Max. 20 participants
Family workshop / + 5yo


Spray your own! With Franziska Born

Design and implementation are separate steps in the textile industry, carried out by different people (or machines). However, artisanal production allows for spontaneity and improvisation during the process.

Spray printing and stenciling techniques allow for great flexibility in handling. The spray gun can be freely operated and creative decisions can be made on the spot. The cardboard stencils are just a starting point: how they are placed and sprayed is up to you and that makes the result even more unique!
You will mix a color of your choice, practice using different spray guns, and discover what you can do with the provided stencils. Through a combination of collective and individual activities, a large, cohesive test piece will be created, and as a grand finale, you will make your own unique silk scarf.

No prior knowledge is required.
Materials will be provided by the course instructor.

160 / 135 / 85 CHF
Max. 8 participants



OUTLINE with Lilla Wicki

OUTLINE is an experimental soirée of figurative drawing.

We are meeting for quick poses in a relaxed environment with snacks, drinks and good music. No experience necessary. Just you, the muse, and what you make of it. Working intently with a live model, we trace lines, leave marks and enjoy the meditative flow of the moment.

Please bring: Drawing materials (anything fun allowed) and a hard back pad or paper with backing. Our neighboring super stationery store Fabrikat will provide a selection of inspirational stationary tools to try out and experiment with.

50 / 35 / 20 CHF
Max. 45 participants

FRIDAY 31.05


LEADER – Great British Sewing Bee meets 
High Intensity Interval Training

Public Event with a Performance by Ernestyna Orlowska

Our community regularly meets for a casual exchange at the bar, growing into a lively swarm. During the Craft Bar, the artist Ernestyna Orlowska will create a statement piece from a 30kg roll of rolled lead in a very short time, providing top-notch entertainment.

Drinks & Music starting at 19:30.

Performance 21–21:30


Creative Mending – repairing clothes beautifully with Anne Schlüter from The Hole Story

A hole, a stain, a tear in your favorite piece? With a repair, you can not only save a garment but also enhance its beauty.

In this workshop, you will learn various hand stitches and techniques that allow you to repair your clothes subtly or strikingly, but always artistically. Running stitch, blanket stitch, and other useful stitches will first be practiced on sample pieces and then applied to your own clothes.

The workshop will be led by textile designer Anne Schlüter from The Hole Story. She will bring with her a wide selection of yarns, fabrics, and tools.

No prior knowledge is required. However, patience and enjoyment of slow handiwork are advantageous.

170 / 145 / 95 CHF
Max. 12 participants


Discover Embroidery with Barbara Muff from The Institut für Textiles Forschen

In a playful, creative, and accessible manner, you'll discover embroidery with simple techniques. Immerse yourself in a versatile craft, experiment with various materials, and let the ideas in the group inspire you.

Learn to work with an embroidery hoop and create your own small collection of outline and filling stitches. Experiment with yarns of different textures and discover how they affect your design. The stitches you learn will form the basis for implementing your own designs in an embroidery project, which you can start during the course.

No prior knowledge is required.
Materials will be provided by the course instructor.

170 / 145 / 95 CHF
Max. 12 participants

SUNDAY 02.06

Create upcycled pieces from the latest collection "A Drop of Sunshine" - by Rafael Kouto & Bernina

Textile upcycling refers to the process by which an item of clothing that is no longer in use is given a second life.

In this workshop, participants will create the Sundown dress, the laptop bag "Cascade" or the cushion "Flood Pillow", from Rafael Kouto's latest "A Drop of Sunshine", which was created in collaboration with BERNINA and combines the aesthetics of the designer's two worlds: Africa and Europe.

The current Rafael Kouto x Bernina collection is open source (all pieces in the collection are available as patterns for your own sewing projects) and has been designed with sustainable and ethical principles in mind.

Bring along: For the dress: elastic fabric remnants (at least 5 meters) or discarded shirts/jersey dresses, for the cushion and the laptop bag: fabric remnants and jersey T-shirts

170 / 145 / 95 CHF
Max. 10 participants


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