Launch crowdfunding campaign  Environmental Artistic Research 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023
19:00 - 22:00

no need to register, just come bye! 

MAISON SHIFT is happy to welcome our new Member EAR.
EAR stands for Environmental Artistic Research and is an non-profit initiative by experimental sound- and multifaceted artist Kaspar König. The campaign is bound to boost the creation of a cultural and scientific programm with activities around an old Schoolhouse in Emmental that is still in the process to be transformed into an environmental artisitic research Laboratorium. With the campaign, EAR can offer workshops, retreats, concerts and lectures to bridge rural and urban climate challenges. It is open to ideas and prototypes of all kind and welcomes you to be part of it! Support a community of listenEARs.

We collectively start the campaign with a toast and have inflatable fun with the C-19 organ in which we can swing the omniflutes together.

Never heard of it? Then come and see and bring a warm coat!

END of the Campaign will be Friday December 15th, 2023