hosted by Jungle Folk
April 18th 2024, 17–22:00
public event

SHIFT BAR is a format of interaction and exchange: our community gathers regularely for a casual and relaxed get-together at our in-house bar. Members and friends of the MAISON SHIFT cosmos are invited to animate our project space for an evening to present exciting projects, lead discussions, or showcase ideas.

On April 18, our hostess will be Pauline Treis from Jungle Folk. The talented designer will present her latest collection to us, inspired by archaic and organic forms. Her pieces will fascinate with their raw beauty and emotional depth. Join us for a relaxed evening with music and discover the new collection!

Everyone welcome, regardless of whether you are members of our community or simply interested. No registration is necessary. We look forward to seeing you!

If you're up for taking over a Bar Shift yourself in the near future, please contact us at