Traces on textiles with Corinna Mattner

Sunday 30th June, 2024

11:00–17:00 incl. Pause

Many of the plants that surround us have powerful active ingredients. The chemical substances that we know partly as essential oils, partly as alkaloids and toxins, are often existing in combination with color molecules.

During the workshop with Romy Hood, Corinna Mattner will show the unconventional technique of "bundle dye", in which the flowers and leaves leave their own traces. We will discuss the basics of preparing the fabrics/fixing the colors, the chemical relationships and toxicity in the dyeing process.

We will discuss the basics of preparing the fabrics/ fixing the dyes, the chemical relationships and toxicity in the dyeing process. You can print 2-3 pieces of clothing or fabric during the course.

We will stain the fabrics you bring with you and go on an urban tour where we will learn to identify and collect plants from our immediate surroundings. After having lunch together, we start the printing process, tie up our bundles and steam them.  While we wait, we make a note of which plants we have used and what their active ingredients are. At the end, we open the bundles together and marvel at the patterns conjured up on the fabric.


  • Several items of clothing (white or light-colored made of natural fibers: Wool, silk, cotton, linen, viscose or bamboo). Plantprinting is particularly suitable for bringing discarded, discolored or stained clothing back into the cycle. If you want to print something new, it must be pre-washed. White shirts/blouses can also be purchased on site (from CHF 5)
  • Plants/leaves/flowers that you have previously collected on a walk through your urban playground
  • Notebook or similar, smartphone (we will get to know the Plantnet app)

Previous knowledge: None
Workshop leader: Corinna Mattner
Cost: CHF 180
Budget CHF 120 
Benefactor CHF 200

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