3rd June 2024, 18–21:30
3rd June 2024, 18–21:30Workshop

Spray your own! With Franziska Born

Design and implementation are separate steps in the textile industry, carried out by different people (or machines). However, artisanal production allows for spontaneity and improvisation during the process.

Spray printing and stenciling techniques allow for great flexibility in handling. The spray gun can be freely operated and creative decisions can be made on the spot. The cardboard stencils are just a starting point: how they are placed and sprayed is up to you and that makes the result even more unique!
You will mix a color of your choice, practice using different spray guns, and discover what you can do with the provided stencils. Through a combination of collective and individual activities, a large, cohesive test piece will be created, and as a grand finale, you will make your own unique silk scarf.

No prior knowledge is required.
Materials will be provided by the course instructor.

160 / 135 / 85 CHF
Max. 8 participants