As part of the Zürich Design Weeks 2024
20–22 September 2024
public event

Look forward to Common Goods project focuses on Ticino blueprinting, a traditional textile printing technique that uses wooden models and indigo dyeing to create textile patterns. The printed textiles are used to create a series of jackets that are not bought but borrowed. Named after its founding principle, Common Goods envisions a future that goes beyond traditional ownership and emphasizes communal sharing.

The project by Sara Liz Marty and Nadja Zürcher is the result of two years of textile research and future-oriented development in the field of tension between innovation and Swiss cultural heritage.

20. September 2024

On the opening evening there will be an introduction to the craft and the project through two short films.

18:00 Vernissage and Apéro

19:00 Documentary screening 'il miracolo blu' by Loris Ciresa

19–22:00 Screening of the project film 'Common Goods'

21. September 2024

On Saturday the 21st, a workshop with blue printer Matteo Gehringer will take place and in the evening a panel talk will ponder the following question:  'What will we share in the future?’

09–12:00 B Blue printing workshop with Matteo Gehringer. (Registration available soon)

20–22:00 Panel talk 'What will we share in the future?

22. September 2024

11–16:00 Free, collective embroidery on printed remnants